In Japan they have a word for a very special kind of sleep. That word is Nemuri, a transcendental state of being that bestows countless health and spiritual benefits.
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Transcendental Sleep

In Japan they have a word for a very special kind of sleep. That word is Nemuri, a transcendental state of being that bestows countless health and spiritual benefits. Nemuri, that sleep of which the poets write, the sleep that profoundly heals and renews, the sleep that opens the door to the creative energy of the universe and allows you to commune with your creator.  Nemuri, the sleep that you naturally experienced as a child, but have been denied as an adult.

It is with great pride that we are able to introduce a classic Japanese harmonizing sleep support formula we appropriately  call Nemuri, a sleep support formula that if given a chance will help you experience deep restful transcendental sleep, possibly returning you to the nightly wonderland you left long ago as a child.

Truly Profound

The Nemuri experience is truly profound. It begins by taking two capsules approximately thirty minutes before retiring.  What you will start to feel very soon after ingestion is a subtle soothing and increasing full body relaxation, as you gently drift into the first phase of the Nemuri experience.

You are entering the great void, a return, a coming home, shedding you're waking idenity, releasing all your worries and troubles, relaxing deeper and deeper you begin to sleep. Your body can now focus its ki on repair and renewal. Because of your deep relaxation, your body's ki pathways are open allowing it to more deeply unite with the source of all life.

Phase One

Phase one has been described as the healing phase. It is usually not the time of dreaming, but rather the time your body devotes to healing. We believe the stories you've heard about spontaneous remissions occur within phase one of Nemuri.

The time you spend in phase one varies for each individual. It can be as short as a few minutes to several hours, depending on your body's healing needs. Eventually you enter phase two of Nemuri.

Phase Two

How long you remain in phase two of Nemuri again is up to the individual. Normally phase two last almost until daybreak.

Finally you enter phase three of Nemuri. This is the shortest phase, but phase three is considered to be the most spectacular  of all the wonderful phases of Nemuri, for it is in phase three that you see your waking life most clearly. It is the transitional phase from sleeping to awakening.  Phase three of Nemuri is sometimes referred to as the hypnogic state.

Phase Three

Phase three is where you experience the true meaning of your life. It is where that seemingly insurmountable problem you've been toiling with suddenly is solved.  It is where you feel incredibly blessed simply to be alive. Phase three has been described as an ocean of love and clarity, perhaps a glimpse into the heaven for which we are all destined.

The Awakening

Upon awakening from your Nemuri experience you feel like you have been born again into a new world, vivid, clear, open, ready to support you in whatever you chose to do. You are totally rested, full of energy and vitality. You have deeper sense of who you are, grounded, centered, ready to actualize your dreams. You are whole. You are complete. You have experienced Nemuri, that transcendental state of being we call sleep.

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