About Chowa

Dear Esteemed Friend,

Thank you for having the wisdom to bring CHO-WA™ into your life. CHO-WA™ is a Japanese word that translates into English as “harmony.” But CHO-WA™ is actually what happens to you when you are in harmony with your world.

CHO-WA™ is that feeling you experience when you fall in love, the feeling you experience when you
suddenly find the strength to succeed at something difficult…

CHO-WA™ is the feeling you experience when you sleep in a soft warm bed next to a fireplace, or in a cabin bathed by the warm and soothing glow of moonlight…

CHO-WA™ is the quiet peace you find deep in a forest… CHO-WA™ is the feeling you have when you are completely connected to your surroundings…

CHO-WA™ is what is left when your daily troubles and fears disappear. CHO-WA™ is pure health and

Experience CHO-WA™ in your life every day and you will know harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Hiro Kumato

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