Discover the Joys of
Deeper Intimacy With...

Z Tea

Have you ever seen—clearly?
Have you ever touched—fully?
Have your ever felt—completely?
Have you ever been totally present—
right here, right now?

If these questions cause you to pause…
if you have to think even a minute before answering…
and if your answer is eventually "no," it's time for you to bring the gift of Z into your life.

When you were born, you were given a tremendous gift—life!
But sometimes life drains you. It can take your best and leave only the mundane. That's just not acceptable and neither is letting the excitement, the thrill, and zest you once had become only a memory. Let me show you how…


George's Story

George was the kind of person you could look directly at and never see. After all, he looked in the mirror every morning and never really saw himself.

By the time George hit his mid-50s, he had resigned himself to a mediocre life. At this point he felt he had little to look forward to, partly due to the health and emotional problems that had plagued him most of his adult life.

If only George had been able to truly see that it was his fear of intimacy and subsequent lack of desire that was making his life miserable, he could have turned things around much sooner. But George had forgotten what it was like to feel or even exist with a purpose in life.

That was until a mysterious stranger introduced him to Z Tea. This person was everything that George was not—and truthfully, that was the very reason George was drawn to him. Confident and charismatic, this serendipitous friend poured George's first life-changing cup of Z.

That day George's eyes were opened to the joys found in his daily life—wondrous things he never had the longing to see before. He felt a physical, psychological, and spiritual intimacy with the world around him… and because he was connected, his self-worth and confidence returned. He felt virile, strong, capable, and filled with desire—for life and all its pleasures.

And that's when he met Wendy…

Wendy's Story

She was the most beautiful woman George had ever seen. And in the "lost years" before he experienced the transformative powers of Z Tea for Man, George would never have been able to bring himself to utter a simple "hello" to her.

The first time they met was like coming home for George. He was able to look directly into her eyes and feel a deep connection. Wendy never looked away from George's gaze, and her confidence was mesmerizing.

You can imagine how shocked he was to learn that she too had suffered most of her adult life from what she called her "fictions"—numerous health problems and a fear of intimacy that seemed to doom every relationship she tried to have.

She saw herself as painfully shy, frigid, and passionless. The thought of having a conversation with a man, especially someone she'd only just met, would have been impossible.

But George's new friend, the mysterious stranger, had shared the gift of Z with Wendy many years earlier. In Wendy's own words, her life "bloomed"—literally—as George's had just begun to.


What is Z Tea?

Z Tea is an extraordinary natural formulation that supports profound levels of intimacy. A unique fusion of the very best of both Amazonian and Chinese herbology, Z Tea produces what can only be described as an intimacy gestalt (the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts).

Z Tea is formulated both for men and women, and naturally balances Ying (female energy) with Yang (male energy). Through this balance, perception is enhanced, energy is balanced, and the ultimate intimacy between man and woman can be achieved.

If it is your desire to experience the joys of deeper intimacy—you must try a most unusual cup of tea… and experience the gift of Z.


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